My time at Aspire to Win has not only aided me in my transition to the “free world”, but is also helping me to learn more about who I am and what I want to be.  I was feeling like an alien, in a faraway place.  While being right where I had left 37 years ago.  Rosey’s understanding and compassion for me, made me feel more at home than anywhere else I had been.  I’ve learned to deal with people and being out, and this has helped me to start feeling as if I fit in as a productive member of society.  I thank Rosey and her staff for the time and effort put forth in helping me and the others that come to ATW.

Carl W.

Not really knowing what I wanted to do other than just to be released from prison, I went to Aspire To Win from referrals from others just thinking I'm going there to get my requirements that the parole board wants you to achieve when released.  Boy was I in for a surprise, first I was not as ready for the world as I thought.  So much has changed after being locked up for twenty years.  Mentally I was ready but there is so much that can't be prepared for while in prison.  The smallest things that are so common to every day people were foreign to me being released.  How to catch a bus, how to get your drivers license, how to get a good credit score, proper job interview, resumes, I can go on & on about the little small things that most people do as easy or involuntary as blinking your eyes & without even thinking, but to us being released after so long it's like taking your S.A.T.s in a language you don't speak.  Aspire To Win has made this transition back into society a lot easier.  I brag often to people how the path that was set before me from the class, its previous clients & of course Ms. Rosey Ruiz has literally helped me to deal with any problems, or hindrances since I've been out.  I benefit from the guys that came before me in the class that still return, & I listen to what they went through & avoid the problems.  I am able to get through the next phase from knowing what was taught in the class.  My job, my credit score, the proper way to conduct an interview or even the proper way to eat in a restaurant has all been taught properly at Aspire To Win.  I am comfortable in all situations no matter if we are speaking to a lot of kids as young as 11 in alternative schools or if we are at an expensive gala in the presence of a Dean of a major university, college students, & alumni.  I don't feel like I am out of place.  I feel like I belong, & the preparations from Aspire To Win help tremendously with that for me & many others.  Thanks Rosey!!!