Equip men, who served more than ten consecutive years in prison, with the life and coping skills they need to empower themselves to overcome barriers; maximize their potential; and live meaningful lives.

Build stronger families and communities tomorrow by helping individuals today.  

Integrity; honesty; genuineness; fairness; inclusion; openness; self-improvement; and mutual respect.  We lead through competency, creativity and teamwork.  Collaboration of ideas is an organizational asset.  It is important to us that our clients, as well as our staff, continue on a path of personal and professional growth and development.  

Guiding Principles
Treat our clients and each other with respect and dignity; practice integrity; always give our personal best; embrace diversity; and contribute positively to our community.

Our Commitment
Provide innovative, effective, quality service to our clients with passion, integrity and compassion.  Give back to our community by establishing and weaving community service into the fabric of our agency.  Our commitment to community service promotes social responsibility, benefiting the well-being of individuals, families and community.