Roseanna "Rosey" Ruiz, MSW, LCDC.

Roseanna "Rosey" Ruiz, MSW, LCDC is the Founder and CEO of both ASPIRE to Win, Inc. and Positive Changes.  She also conceived and initiated the City of Houston Re-entry Program at the Mayor's Office in 2001.  Her credentials include: Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work; Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor; Certified Professional Life Coach; Certified Anger Resolution Therapist; and Certified Domestic Violence Therapist.  Ms. is currently on the Board of Directors of both Aspire to Win, Inc. and the Breaking Chains Making Amends Foundation.

In addition, Ms. Ruiz is a prison / re-entry specialist, consultant, motivational speaker, advocate, and a very active volunteer in both the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Correctional Institutions and Parole Divisions since 1998.  She also now serves as a Certified Volunteer Chaplain's Assistant (CVCA) at the TDCJ Darrington Unit. Ms. Ruiz has received numerous honors and awards, including the 2016 Houston Humanitarian Award and the Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer of the Year Award in 2006.  Ms. Ruiz is actively involved in the community, as well as the prisons, parole offices, juvenile facilities, schools, treatment and transitional facilities.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty, working and volunteering tirelessly, to affect positive change in individuals, families, our community and the criminal justice system.

After doing re-entry work with the City of Houston for almost nine years, Rosey decided to strike out on her own to fill a gap in the re-entry services that were being offered in the Houston area.  Her goal is to build a sustainable, effective, socially responsible nonprofit organization that makes a real and lasting difference in people's lives.  Rosey brings her experience, expertise and intuitive vision to create innovative programs that inspire change.